Runner – Vehicle is in Running Condition by its own power , Non-Runner means the car is not in running condition and in a poor mechanical condition.

Leading time is the Working days it will take to deliver a vehicle from point A to point B, excluding weekends [Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays].

1. First section – complete your personal information.

2. Second section – complete the vehicle information: Model of vehicle / Registration No or Vin No of vehicle. You must also add the available date here.

3. Third section – complete the Rate to be paid, with the unique reference for the EFT to TAC.

4. Fourth section – information of location from and location to: The full collection address with contact name and number, the full delivery address with contact name and number. Depot to Depot – information on delivery person – Name, Surname and phone number, information on collecting person Name, Surname, and phone number.

5. Sign all the forms with your full signature acknowledging the Terms and conditions. Return with the proof of payment to the Sales representative’s email address. They will then process and send a conformation email when your booking is completed.

TAC does not allow any loose items in a vehicle. If you wish to leave items in the vehicle, it will always be at your own responsibility and risk.

TAC does not allow it. If you wish to leave Natis documents in the vehicle, it will always be at your own responsibility and risk, we will not be liable for the loss of Natis documents.

  • If you are a Private client using TAC – You will have to arrange for your own insurance. If the booking is made by a vehicle dealership, they will be covered up to R600 000.00.

If a TAC carrier is involved in an accident and your vehicle is written off, the assessors will apply the trade value of your vehicle to determine your loss. The lowest value of retail, trade and your own estimate will be used to quantify the loss.

The following categories are excluded from TAC liability

  • Vintage Vehicles.
  • Modified vehicles.
  • Sports and racing vehicles.
  • Lowered suspensions and low-profile tyres.

Unfortunately, not, TAC only moves vehicles that are in running condition.

We only do Depot to Depot or Dealer to Dealer.

You will have to deliver the vehicle to the TAC yard, and you will have to collect the vehicle from the TAC yard.

You can email, WhatsApp or call your sales representative for updates, or make use of the live monitoring option by clicking on the appropriate link below. Enter your vehicle ID to enable your search.

If you chose the depot to depot option, TAC Depot manager or assistant will send you an SMS or call you to self-collect your vehicle. Your Sales Representative, with whom you made the booking, will also be in contact with you.

It means we can collect from any vehicle dealership of your choice, based on position and availability, but arranged by yourself, and then deliver to the any vehicle dealership on the same terms and conditions.

Some banks require our full name To Anywhere Carriers, and some allow the acronym TAC. Any of these will do when doing EFT Transfers.

It depends on the availability of vehicles to and from these locations.

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